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Where to look for mold on your boat, yacht, mega yacht, charter boat, passenger ship, or other type of ship or vessel.


Do you own a yacht or large boat?

Have you ever considered the thought that your vessel could potentially have mold growing in it and may bery well be in need of yacht mold removal Miami, FL?

Please continue reading to find out where mold  could be growing on your yacht so you could at least check for yourself, or hire a professional just to be on the safe side.

We all know that mold typically grows anywhere there is excess moisture, low light, and humidity. As we all have to deal with this potentially toxic nuisance in our homes, there are many other places where it commonly thrives such as in vehicles, HVAC systems , boats, yachts, mega yachts, passenger ships…

Common reasons mold grows on yachts-


Depending on how big your yacht is, how many floors it has, how many bathrooms and kitchens it has, how old it is, and what types of previous problems it may have had will ultimately dictate where and how much mold could be growing on your luxurious pleasure cruiser.

As we  already live in Florida, the weather here is already moist and muggy, compounded by being in a wet environment, this sets the perfect conditions for toxic mold to grow and thrive especially if left unchecked.

In several cases, people have been knows to develop problematic and potentially life threatening health conditions stemming directly from to much toxic mold exposure. On a yacht, this would be known as yacht mold sickness syndrome. What is even more discerning is that you may not even smell that tell tale smell of mold to have an unseen mold infestation.

Some of the most common areas mold grows on yachts and boats-


– The engine room
– Utility room
– Mechanical rooms
РAround HVAC  systems
– Air intake and air handlers
– Fuel vents
– Bathrooms
– Kitchen
– Hull of ship

As you can see, mold will grow not only on land and/or in your home, it can and will also grow on your boat or yacht.

If you do not deal with the situation promptly, you could end up paying the price in terms of extensive and extremely expensive repairs, your health could deteriorate, and your guests may very well get sick and start filing complaints.

So if you do suspect mold growing on your yacht in a Miami, FL marina, please give us a call to schedule a marine mold inspection for your yacht immediately.

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