Miami Mold Specialist Launches New Marine Mold Removal Division in Miami FL

yacht mold removal miami flMiami Mold Specialist Adds New Marine Mold Removal Division for Boats, Luxury Yachts, Charter boats, Large Vessels, and Cruise ships.

Miami Mold Specialist, a state of the art mold remediation company in Miami Beach, recently announced the addition of a new service division specifically for marine mold inspection, marine mold testing, and marine mold removal for large boats, luxury yachts, charter vessels, and large passenger ships.

According to Miami Mold Specialists new Miami marine mold remediation Web page, their new division and it’s respective mold removal experts have special training, experience, cutting edge technology andĀ  equipment, and eco-friendly Marine mold removal and preventative solutions used to eradicate and prevent mold from reoccurring.

A spokespersonĀ  for Miami Mold SpecialistĀ  stated, ” Over the years we ha email worked on a wide variety of environmental projects. We receive calls ranging from an average home to exquisite mansions, from multi unit buildings to large high rises, restaurantsĀ  to hotels, various commercial properties to institutional complexes, along withĀ  callsĀ  frequently for vehicles, boats, and yachts. As things have been picking up for us, we have decided to diversify our business by adding specific divisionsĀ  for residential, commercial and institutional, and now marine applications for large boats, yachts, charter vessels, mega yachts, and passenger ships”.

marine mold removal miami

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