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State of The Art Aerial Inspections for Mold, Water Damage, Excess Moisture, Condensation, Intrusion Points from Wind Damage

In addition to our state of the art 10 step inspection process, we are proud to announce that we are the only company in South Florida with the latest Aerial Thermal Imaging Technology used to locate post-hurricane season damage such as roof leaks that can contribute to moisture intrusion and enable mold growth in your property. This technology is used by first responders and fire fighters to get a “bigger picture” of what’s going on in properties. With a drone license certified operator in each of our crews, we are able to easily locate any hard to see damage!


Do you think there is mold lurking in your home or building?

High-Tech Aerial Drone Mold Inspection Services Miami, FL


1. ATTIC AND CEILING DAMAGE The initial dangers of a roof leak are damage to the attic area and items stored there. If there is no attic, or the size of the leak is really big, it will damage the interior ceiling. Affected ceiling paint will darken and ceiling plaster may bubble and expand. The leaking water also will damage paint and plaster on nearby walls. You can also expect damage on ceiling-mounted lights and fans.

​ 2. INTERIOR MOLD AND MILDEW ISSUES In the longer term, one of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof is moldand mildew growth. Mold can spread throughout the home’s structure, to the HVAC system and then to the rest of the house through the vents where it can invade carpets, furniture and even clothing. Mold is the most common type resulting from chronic water intrusion. Mold attacks wood framing, ceiling tiles, and wall and floor coverings. ​

3. HEALTH CONCERNS FROM MOLD Mold and mildew can lead to serious health issues, especially for those with high sensitivity, including nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammations and asthma, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mold spores continue to be produced once it’s present and will lead to allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, and more serious health problems. ​

4. FIRE HAZARD FROM WATER DAMAGE If your electrical wiring is present in an attic or ceiling, a leaky roof could pose a fire threat from shorted wires. It is highly recommended to turn off electricity to the area that’s affected and have an electrician examine it. ​

5. SLIP AND FALL HAZARD A severely leaking roof can cause water to puddle on the floor. This may not seem like a huge risk, but if you have an active family, and especially if you have children who like to run, you need to get that water mopped up to prevent human spills. ​

6. HIGHER UTILITY BILLS High utility bills are another side effect of a leaking roof, as water intrusion is detrimental to the insulation in attic area. Your cellulose or fiberglass insulation becomes saturated and it takes a long time for it to dry out. If a roof leak repair is put off for a long time, chronic water intrusion will deplete the insulation significantly and your home will lose hot and cool air, resulting in higher utility bills.

​ 7. COMPROMISED STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY The most obvious consequence of a leaking roof is the damaged rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing and even fascia boards and exterior trim can become victims of water intrusion. Chronic roof leaks lead to wood deterioration and weakened, rotten roof framing causes serious problems that require assistance from a professional contractor. You can also face expensive wood framing repairs if water leaks down into ceiling joists and walls.

Here are some quick facts sbout mold you should also be aware of:

– It only takes a mold to flourish in a short span of 24-72 hours, varied conditions cause varied results.

– Even though you may not see mold, you may very well have an infestation thriving in between your walls, floors, ceilings, storage areas, etc. Every mold is different. Some mold you can not see and/or smell, some only reproduce and release spores at certain times of the day/night sometimes leading to false Miami Lakes mold inspection reporting, especially on boats, yachts, big charter ships, cruise ships, along with many other types of watercraft.

-Some mold are extremely toxic, They can produce toxins that are carried along in the breeze on microscopic mold spores through HVAC systems, through an open window or door, common draft, …These toxins can cause a wide range of serious health conditions, illnesses, and has even been proven to have at least contributed to many fatal cases over the years.

-There are doctors, specialists, scientist’s , and organizations that specifically study, analyze, and treat people that are afflicted and literally infected with mold toxins throughout there body.

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Miami Aerial Drone Home Mold Inspection


Our Mold Inspection Process:

Aerial Mold Inspection Reports: We provide the most comprehensive Mold Inspection Report in the industry using the following methods during your mold inspection, testing, and assessment processes:

  • Swab Samples
  • Air Samples(Inside and Outside)
  • Particle Counters
  • Inner Wall Checks, Scans, and Imaging
  • Manual Moisture Readers
  • Laser Scanners for Foundation Beams
  • Toxic Mold Sensors
  • Aerial Imaging and Data*

Infrared Aerial Mold Inspection for Homes, Multi Story Buildings, Commercial Structures…


Our Mold Inspection Process:

After our aerial mold inspection specialist’s have completed their entire mold inspection on your boat, yacht, charter boat, or passenger ship, they will take all of the collected data and samples to a 3rd party scientific labortaory to analyze our findings and samples.

  • All mold inspection data
  • Physical swab samples of mold
  • Air samples(inside and outside)
  • Moisture readings
  • Pictures of mold if visually present
  • Infrared images
  • Moisture images


Final Process for Our Complete Aerial Drone Mold Inspection

The Final Aerial Drone Home Mold Inspection Process:

Keep in mind that the specifics of your mold inspection service are determined based upon the specifics of your issue. Various factors are involved in outlining a customized mold remediation plan and your specified treatment process will be provided to you in detail in your Aerial Drone Home Mold Inspection Report within two to three business days upon completion of your mold inspection service.

Client Review

Once the remediation has concluded, a project manager will inform you as to the status of your property and schedule a remediation to remove all mold from the affected area, as per client request.

Conclusive Client Follow-Up

The follow-up will occur when all remediation and final clearance mold testing is complete. A mold removal Clearance Certificate will then be issued to you, upon receipt of the results pertaining to the post-remediation sampling, if you have opted for the testing. Your project manager or direct office administrator will contact you to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have and provide recommendations to avoid future mold issues.

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