How to Test for Mold in Car AC?

How to Test for Mold in Car AC

How to Test for Mold in Car AC? Do you feel a mildew smell when AC turns on in car? Well this is none other than mold! Mold is a fungus that can thrive anywhere, even your car’s air conditioning system. Have you ever been trapped in such a situation?

Well, mold in your car’s air conditioner is usually located behind the dashboard, where nobody will ever see it. Because of this, finding it during the pre-purchase examination can be challenging. Mold may only be noticeable once you turn on the air conditioner.

Mildew can cause different health problems, so you must take immediate preventive measures. If you find mold in your car’s air conditioner, you need to know how it grows, what indications to look for, and who to hold responsible.

How to Test for Mold in Car AC? | Signs to experience when mold attacks your car AC

  • Mold in your car’s air conditioner will most likely be detectable by its odor before you see it. Some people simply compare the smell of mold to that of a musty, damp basement.
  • When passengers notice a musty odor from the air conditioning, they may worry, “Is there mold in my car’s AC unit?” The answer is “yes,” in all likelihood.
  • Mold will spread to your car’s air vents if you do nothing to stop it. Typically, it will be a mottled black, olive green, or brown. Mold in the air conditioning system of your automobile might cause this to appear on the vents.

When did your car start smelling like mold?

The air conditioner in your automobile can’t create air, so it has to draw air from outside or within to chill you down.

As a result of its high moisture content and high temperature, this air must be cooled and dehumidified before being distributed through your ventilation system. The evaporator core in the dashboard frequently becomes damp due to airflow.

Thus, the outcome is an environment where mold can flourish in the air conditioner because of the high humidity.

How to Test for Mold in Car AC? | Does your car air conditioner have mold?

If mold is invisible, how can it be detected? Mold does not grow visibly in some environments, such as auto air conditioners. The correct response is to rely on your other senses.

Mold forms in your air conditioner, and you can tell because of the foul odor it gives out. With the air conditioner blowing, the musty odor will intensify.

You can even detect it by touching the air from your car’s AC system. Mold could be present in your body if the air is not expelled.

Different methods for removing mold from car AC

Mold removal from an automobile AC unit may require a different approach than mold removal from a house AC unit. Read the linked article to learn about the best ways on how to get rid of mold in car air conditioner:

1.      Using disinfectant to get rid of microorganisms

Use an aerosol spray disinfectant to get rid of lingering mold odors. Pick deodorizers and mold suppressants that work together. A product like EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator might work well for this purpose. This has been the best car AC mold killer product.

2.      You can use vinegar and water.

There is a vinegar and water spray you can prepare yourself if the scent is manageable. Use a spray bottle with a solution of around 1 part vinegar to almost three parts water. While the smell of vinegar killing mold is unpleasant, the benefits are worthwhile.

To give it a more pleasant aroma, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon. As a bonus, the scent would stick around for longer with the addition of lemon.

3.      Using Lysol

The air conditioner, the fan, and the car must be turned off before spray application. The next step is to spray each air conditioning vent with the disinfectant or other solution of choice.

Wait to open the windows or close the doors if you want to maintain a constant temperature in the automobile this time. Mold and mold spores will be eliminated if you keep them inside.

Afterward, crank up the AC to circulate the air inside the vehicle. Recirculate by using the button provided.

Next, spray through the recirculation vent while the air conditioner is still running at full blast. The next step is to turn the fan up to its highest setting. By making this change, you may prevent more moisture from entering your air conditioner.

Helpful tips

  • The evaporator core of your car’s AC unit is the common breeding ground for mold. The ducting of an AC unit is another potential breeding ground for mold. Take the following steps to prevent mold growth:
  • Make sure to let your air conditioner thaw for at least ten minutes after each usage to prevent flooding. Evaporator drying out is as simple as cranking up the fan. Do not utilize recirculation, as this may exacerbate moisture issues by bringing in additional air.
  • There are some spots where garbage is omnipresent, and your car will be sucked into the garbage. When you travel through dusty places, for instance, spores and dust might settle on your clothes and automobile interior.
  • Things that harbor dirt are more likely to develop mold if they aren’t regularly cleaned. If this happens, you need to turn off the air conditioner or the heater’s system. Go for the right choice of best mold bomb for car.

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This piece intends to assist you in eliminating mold growth in the air conditioning system of your vehicle. But it should also be taken as a cautionary tale for the future.

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