Winters Coming! HVAC Cleaning and Coil Cleaning Services in Florida


Prepping Your Home or Building HVAC System for the Winter Months

miami-mold-specialist coil cleanerOver the years, mold awareness and mold prevention in homes and buildings has started to gain in popularity. This has led to an uptick in response for home owners, renters, property owners, property management companies, co ops, condos, and real estate companies with many investing in frequent assessments and inspections, mold prevention products and systems, mold removal services, and indoor air quality products and systems as to reduce the future potential risks of major repairs. One of the most important of these activities is proper HVAC system maintenance and frequent coil cleaning services.

It is recommended to have your HVAC system checked and cleaned every spring and fall as this will help clean out the build up right before the changing of the seasons.This drastically reduces the chance of people getting sick, having respiratory issues, allergies, asthma attacks, along with reducing the chance of mold growth.

HVAC Duct Cleaning and Coil Cleaning

hvac-mold-removal-marco-islandOne of the biggest misconceptions about HVAC and coil cleaning when mold is present- HVAC specialist in the state of Florida are suppose to have a licensed mold remediation contractor come in to handle removing the mold. Basically meaning, mold in HVAC can only be cleaned by state certified mold remediator.

Some of the biggest reasons as to why the HVAC systems need to be properly maintained as to prevent mold growth-
Mold found in HVAC systems is one of the leading causes of allergies and allergic reactions, eczema and psoriasis outbreaks, sick building syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, continual sickness, along with many other serious medical conditions. In South Florida, the HVAC system is also one of the most common places mold grows, thrives, and spreads.

miami-mold-specialist-products (4)Contrary to popular belief, if mold is discovered in an HVAC system in the state of Florida, then the HVAC system needs to be cleaned by state certified mold remediation company. People that suffer from sensitivities to allergies and sickness stemming from exposure to excessive pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and viruses are all prime candidates for frequent HVAC system cleaning and disinfecting treatments and should use reputable, state licensed mold specialists.

Miami Mold Specialists offers a wide range of indoor environmental services that are executed when completing most “all inclusive” mold remediation projects, such as- air scrubbing and disinfecting services, indoor air quality services, mold assessments, mold lab testing, HVAC mold removal and disinfecting services, 360 electrostatic disinfecting services, leak and water proofing services, use of all natural and eco-friendly anti-fungal cleaners, anti-fungal and anti-microbial coating solution, etc.

The 2019 Florida Flu Season

Contracting the flu is a major concern for everyone. With both Fall and the 2019 flu season just getting underway, taking proactive and preventative measures like scheduling a HVAC cleaning and/or coil cleaning service is one major way you can reduce the chances of at least getting sick this year.

Official State of Florida 2019 Flu Season reports-

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HVAC Cleaning, Coil Cleaning, and Mold Removal Solutions for HVAC Systems.


One major component of every HVAC system is a coil that is used to cool the air. The HVAC coil tends to get clogged up with dust, hair, lint, mold and other airborne particles over time and will eventually need to be cleaned. As every home and HVAC system is different, the time between coil cleaning services can vary dramatically from one building to the next. As there are many types of HVAC and AC systems used for a wide range of applications, getting to the coil and being able to clean them thoroughly can be a exhausting task, especially if there is mold present. After thousands of projects, Miami Mold Specialist decided to create there own proprietary coil cleaning solution that makes this task much easier in most situations.

HVAC-coil-cleaner-miami-mold-specialistThe new coil cleaner was created specifically for HVAC systems, automotive radiator applications, marine applications for boats and ships, portable air conditioners and heaters; this new line of next generation HVAC cleaning solutions offered by Miami Mold Specialist is a self foaming, self cleaning, eco-friendly, and organic coil cleaning solution. This brand new penetrating coil cleaner offers a delayed foaming action to allow the non-acid, non-chlorinated, alkaline surfactant package to attack dirt, grime, soil, deposits, and other contaminants in multiple stages. Safe for use on evaporators and condenser coils, HVAC units, window AC units, automotive radiators, small air cooled equipment, metal filters, and fan blades. The dual quat foaming action expands and flushes contaminates out of coils as well as,deodorizes drain pans. Clean, deodorize, decrease energy costs, and prolongs the lifetime of equipment.

Our entire new line of high tech HVAC mold removal equipment and exclusive solutions typically used for a HVAC mold remediation project- from C02 Hydrogenation Systems, dry ice thermal fogging, ULV particle foggers, state of the art electrostatic disinfectant spraying systems, specialized heavy duty HVAC steam cleaning systems, hydroxyl generators, advanced HEPA air scrubbers, along with our proprietary ‘secret weapons’- Our own VOC free, eco friendly, all natural, all purpose cleaning, mold removal, and probiotic solutions

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