South Florida Mold Removal Co. Acquires Cutting Edge Indoor Air Quality Testing Monitors

Miami Mold Specialists Newest High tech Indoor Air Quality Testing Monitors.

Indoor air quality South floridaMiami Mold Specialists Acquires Latest Cutting Edge Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitors and Testers.
The newer handheld style indoor air quality monitors and testers, allow Miami Mold Specialist’s technicians to rapidly check for a wide range on pollutants, vocs, and other harmful microbials.

Miami Mold Specialists New handheld indoor air quality detection, testing, and reporting technology includes-

Indoor air quality miamiThe IGERESS Indoor Air Quality Detector Accurate Testing Formaldehyde(HCHO) Monitor with PM2.5/PM10/TVOC Test Data Logger Detector Air Quality Meter with Time Display.



a State of the art Indoor Air Quality Pollution Monitor, Detector, Meter, Sensor, Tester; Detect PM2.5 Dust, Test Indoor Formaldehyde, TVOC Volatile Organic Compound; Also Reads Temp/Humidity.


indoor air quality service miami
Miami Mold Specialist is already on point with keeping up with emerging Indoor air quality, mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal and remediation technology, state of the art equipment, and cutting edge industry solutions. Some of Miami Mold Specialists recent equipment upgrades, new systems, solutions, and services include-
Mobile mold testing systems, a wide range of handheld air monitors and mold testing equipment, infrared cameras, Flir devices, boroscopes, specialized HEPA VACS and air scrubbing and filtration systems, heavy duty steam cleaning systems, etc.
Infrared Imaging Aerial drones for mold inspections, leak inspections, moisture intrusion points, etc.
Advanced robotics- live camera feed mounted on advanced robots, perfect for those hard to reach areas…
Range of new specialized foggers- attic and crawlspace foggers, 360 electrostatic sprayers, HVAC system foggers and sprayers, ULV particle foggers, CO2 foggers and advanced delivery systems, Hydroxyl generators,etc.
Cleaners- Airbiotics- All purpose, all natural, VOC free, eco friendly cleaner. Also-Eco friendly disinfectants, anti odor removers, and anti static treatments, and anti fungal coatings.
Solar powered mold prevention systems- Innovative solution for increasing air flow in attics and crawlspaces, mitigating prime mold breeding conditions, reduces heat while decreasing electric bill and increasing longevity of roofing shingles.
Solar powered water purification systems- An innovative system that efficiently and effectively treats, cleans, and purifies your home or buildings water supply.
WiFi Live Monitoring service- All of Miami Mold Specialist’s technicians utilize wifi enabled body cameras and equipment. This allows for love reporting back to the office, as well as, allowing a customer to monitor their services in real time.
Find out more information on all of Miami Mold Specialists new technologies-
About Miami Mold Specialist-
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