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We encounter many environmental circumstances every Nano second universally. Many years ago, we had no technological knowledge how and where we used to get diseases. However, today, thanks for genius engineers whom created many products to help every one of these individual situations to take precautions, protecting and cleaning environments from the smallest of particles in the air which are not visible, and elements in our spaces which they may be visible to us.

One of these latest technological breakthroughs has come to Mr. Motty Katz’s attention; a device called an Intelligent Air Quality Detector. S such, Miami Mold Specialists has conducted some research regarding this spectacular device which helps us to find those “things” that are not visible, but detectable only in this intelligent device’s electronic circuitry. On the device, some terminologies are calculated on the device screen easily for us. For example, HCHO and VOC. I’d like to take an opportunity to present these two terminologies to help Miami Mold Specialists to grow its business accurately and provide better reports to its customers.

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Formaldehyde (HCHO) is the most important carcinogenic substance causing cancer in living tissue, in outdoor air among the 187 hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), not including ozone and particulate matter. However, surface observations of HCHO are scattered in the air, and the EPA monitoring network could be likely to positive interferences to find this gassy element in the atmosphere. In addition to this, American Chemical Society, in their publication dated April 25, 2017 on their book Environ. Sci. Technol., 2017, 51 (10), pp 5650–5657 and on their website, estimated that up to 6600 – 12,500 people in the U.S. will develop cancer over their lifetimes by exposure to outdoor HCHO.

So, what is HCHO, how dangerous it is and where every one of us will encounter with this most dangerous element in our daily life? Furthermore, I’d like to explain, how we define VOC in a simpler manner to read the intelligent air quality detector’s VOC values.

HCHO, Formaldehyde (systematic name methanal, not be confused with methanol) is a naturally occurring organic compound with the formula CH2O (H-CHO). It is the simplest of the aldehydes, organic compound contains Carbon (R-CHO). The common name of this substance comes from its similarity and relation to formic acid, which is a colorless irritant volatile acid made catalytically from carbon monoxide and steam. It is present in the fluid emitted by some ants as well. Formaldehyde is more complicated than many simple carbon compounds, in that it adopts several different forms. As a gas, which exist in atmosphere, formaldehyde is colorless and has a characteristic pungent, irritable sharply strong odor. Upon condensation, the gas converts to various other forms of formaldehyde (with different chemical formulas) that are of more practical value. Formaldehyde bound with each element with CH2O;HCHO, Formaldehyde, is found many places in daily life, such as cabinets and flooring, cigarette smoke, some plastics and paper products.

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Formaldehyde is also known, in chemical form, as carcinogen, formaldehyde. Systematical, chronic exposure to it may also cause general damages to the central nervous system, such as headache, depression, mood changes, insomnia, attention deficit, memory lost, as noted on the website of the U.S Government’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). Aside nervous system; repugnant, extremely distasteful, formaldehyde is also a respiratory irritant that causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, nose and throat irritation.

According Deirde Imus, founder of the site devoted to environmental health,, she published on Fox News website on July 27, 2015, Formaldehyde causes cancer; yet, it is present in many childhood vaccines, put there to kill unwanted bacteria and viruses that contaminates the vaccine during the production. Because formaldehyde is in cigarette smoke, avoid smoking or places that people heavily smoke. Formaldehyde is an important chemical used widely by industry to manufacture building materials and numerous household products including some paints, coatings, and cosmetics.

Formaldehyde is also a by-product of combustion, to process of burning, and certain other natural processes. It is used to add permanent-press qualities to clothing and draperies, as a component of glues and adhesives, and as a preservative in some products. Formaldehyde is also found in tobacco smoke, household products, and the use of un-vented, fuel-burning appliances. Thus, it may be present in substantial concentrations both indoors and outdoors. Besides Formaldehyde elements, there are many volatile organic compounds in the air that are not visible to us; however, with Miami Mold Specialist’s new air detectors, it can be found and be calculated.

TVOC, total volatile organic compounds, is a grouping of a wide range of organic chemical compounds to simplify reporting when these are present in ambient immediate surrounding air or emissions. Many substances, such as natural gas, could be classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are reserved for characterization of such substances in polluted air, that is, VOCs generally refer to vapors of gases given off by compounds rather than the liquid phase. VOC’s are defined as any chemical compound based on carbon chains or rings with a vapor pressure greater than 0.01 kPa at 293.15 K (i.e. 20°C), that participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions.

As per Phoslab Testing Laboratories site, “We have a large variety of products in our home that release VOCs. Some of the most common examples of VOC emitting products include paints, varnishes, air fresheners, cosmetics, fuel oil, vehicle exhausts and others. Short-term exposure to high level of VOCs are headache, nausea, dizziness, irritation of eye, nose and throat. Long-term exposure to high levels of VOCs are liver damage, kidney damage, cancer, central nervous system damage”.

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Some of the most commonly problematic sources include household furnishings that tend to give off VOC gases when they are new. Other possible sources include carpets, paints, plastics and electronic devices. Once VOC source is determined, the victim can take number of precautions, such as ventilation and bring fresh air from outside, and to contact Miami Mold Specialist for VOC testing and possible remediation. The easiest way to reduce VOC level is to get rid of the source or products that give off VOCs. The air quality detector is very valuable device to help starting the immediate remediation process to get ride of said sources.

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Air quality detectors accurately test air quality for formaldehyde (hcho), tvoc, pm2.5, pm1.0, pm10, temperature and humidity, to ensure the health of your family in all domains, real time testing with data record and analyzed with chart indicators, with hazard levels and time display.

Miami Mold Specialists will take the consumer from testing and inspecting the above problems with experience technicians and its cutting edge technologies for happy and healthy life style changes in your environments.

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