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Do you think you have radon?

Did you know that radon is a toxic, radioactive, invisible gas, that seeps into your home naturally from the ground?

Did you know toxic radon gas is the 2nd biggest reason why so many people contract lung cancer every year?

Scary thought especially taking into consideration that there is very little in regards to public awareness of these extremely volatile gases.

What is radon?
Radon and it’s related progeny are basically a naturally occurring odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that is formed by the natural breakdown and decay of atoms from far beneath the ground.

How do I know if I have radon in and around my home?

The best way to find out if you have higher than normal levels of radon gas in and around your home is to hire a professional radon testing company. Similar to some types of mold, radon and it’s progeny are tricky gases to measure accurately especially if you have no experience testing for radon. As radon gas seepage is constantly fluctuating over time in any given area, while taking into account when at certain levels, radon gas testing will frequently report as a false positive or vice versa. This is why hiring a professional and experienced radon testing company in South Florida is always the best option.

DIY radon testing vs. professional radon services

DIY radon testing and radon detection kits are available at just about any home improvement store, online, and sometimes they are provided for free by local and state governments. Do not be fooled by these kits. As highlighted above, radon and it’s progeny gases are extremely tricky to detect, test, and accurately measure.

When you hire a Miami radon testing, detection, and mitigation service company they should be using multiple methods for radon inspection and radon detection. This helps with reducing the frequency of false positive and false negatives while conducting radon testing and reporting.

If you happen to live in and around the greater Miami -Dade area, please visit the Florida Dept of Health website to view the map of radon gases in your area. Unfortunately, most of the coastline from Ft. Lauderdale to South Miami and beyond, is a hot bed for high levels of radon gas seepage.

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