Alpha radiation consists of high-energy helium nuclei. The range of the alpha radiation in the air is only a few centimeters and in water it is even lower a normal; therefore, sheet of paper would even be enough to shield from this type of radiation. In a situation where you would only be influenced externally the alpha particles would only penetrate the outer skin layers, and it would not reach the deeper more sensitive tissue, or the internal organs. Alpha radiators could, however, get into the bottom of skin; for example, if they were inhaled then the alpha radiation could admit their potential into the organs. If an alpha emitting substance is ingested in food or air it can cause serious cell damage. Alexander Litvinenko is a famous example. He was poisoned by polonium-210, an alpha emitter, in his tea.



The beta radiation consists of electrons or positrons which compared to alpha particles have a much lower mass. Therefore, the range in the air is up to a few meters. They can also penetrate deeper into the skin and emit their energy. For example, there could be circumstances which may lead to severe radiation exposures into the body, thankfully beta radiations can, for example, be shielded by a few centimeters of Plexiglas. However, the process of shielding may produce x-rays, and this could then in turn be intercepted by panels made from a heavy metal. 



Gamma radiation, unlike alpha or beta, does not consist of any particles, instead consisting of a photon of energy being emitted from an unstable nucleus. The gamma rays of photons can penetrate matter easily and ionizes the surrounding atoms as it passes through. Gamma rays cannot be shielded against completely; however, the intensity can be reduced by several centimeters of thick and leaded plates.


In summary, there are various types of radiations that affects and they are potentially dangerous; therefore, it requires a detailed analysis. So, it is not as trivial and straightforward as often presumed. Armed with this information, our company decided to begin offering high tech radon testing, detection, and radon mitigation services. With our Alpha Beta Gamma¬†Radiation Monitors, we can test your air quality during inspection to see if there’s any concern. For more information regarding¬†Radiation Testing give us a call.¬†



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