Miami Mold Specialist Announces Emergency Hurricane Prep Leak Inspection and Water Proofing Service


Miami Mold Specialist now offering emergency water intrusion inspection and water proofing services in preparation of potential hurricanes, tropical storms, and sub-tropical systems…

miami-water-proofing-services-south-flCurrent tropical forecasts have a chain of back to back tropical systems and hurricanes developing, with the possibility of hitting Florida. Even if Floridians do not take a direct hit, these tropical systems will obviously bring with them inclement weather, windy conditions, possibly flooding, strong and fast storm squalls, strong thunderstorms, and the potential for micro bursts, water spouts, and tornadoes.

Everyone on the from east of the Mississippi river should actually be paying attention to the tropics and all of the activity.¬† Preparing tastefully by bottling your own water, making some extra ice, grabbing a “small amount” of gas here and there, minor stocking up on non perishables and extra snacks, a few extra batteries,¬† flashlights, solar powered chargers, a generator, some dry wood/ sterno/white gas or propane for cooking, first aid kits, personal care items, medications, rain gear, having evacuation plans, etc.¬† Prepare for your location and your situation and do so gradually and tastefully so others may have a chance at getting supplies as well.

water-proofing-services-miamiHome owners, commercial owners, property management companies, realtors, and renters alike should all be implementing preventative measures on and around their properties as these storms approach. Securing all outside items, getting trees trimmed in advance,  sealing of known cracks, extensive water intrusion inspection(roof to foundation),  complete water proofing of property, boarding up windows, sandbagging, use of plastic sheeting, clearing of yard debris and drainage systems, parking vehicles in secure places, etc.

According to Miami Mold Specialist’s water damage control page, “Miami Mold Specialist has state of the art technology to pinpoint and locate elevated moisture levels and condensation buildup caused by water damages throughout your property. By utilizing our Infrared Thermography Imaging camera, we are able to find exactly where the water stemmed from without being invasive. Additionally, we have Hydrosensors, Digital Moisture Meters and Imaging Moisture Meters that also enable us to locate condensation problems. Additional to an interior assessment of your property we also perform an exterior walk through in search of crack(s) and/or gaps that could be providing conditions conducive to moisture intrusion in your property. Any waterproofing that needs to be completed is taken care of doing your mold remediation treatment in order to prevent future moisture and mold growth and to ensure our warranty.

Miami Leak Detection, Water Damage Control, and Water Proofing Services-

For more information about Miami Mold Specialist’s emergency hurricane¬† preparation services packages for¬† leak detection, water intrusion inspection, and water proofing services, please visit-

NEW State of the Art Aerial Infrared Drone Inspections by Miami Mold Specialist;


In addition to our state of the art 10 step inspection process, we are proud to announce that we are the only company in South¬†Florida with the latest¬†Aerial Thermal Imaging Technology used to locate post-hurricane season damage¬†such as roof leaks that can contribute to moisture intrusion and enable mold growth in your property. This technology is used by first responders and fire fighters to get a “bigger picture” of what’s going on in properties. With a drone license certified operator in each of our crews, we are able to easily locate any hard to see damage!


NEW Advanced Property Inspection Robotics by Miami Mold Specialists;

Introducing our new robotics division, we have added a new member to our team: the inspectorbot. This robot, which is equipped with a camera, is easily maneuvered to inspect hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces, roofs, rafters and attics. All results are documented with a special reporting software that makes inspecting these key areas extremely easy!

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