Mold Remediation Process:

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mold in roofOur family at Miami Mold Specialist is here to help you no matter how severe the damage to your property.

Every year billions of dollars are spent combating water intrusion and mitigating its harmful affects to unit owners and building occupants. In the absence of water intrusion, conditions are not ideal to grow mold in a house or building, if the mechanical system is designed well to standard specifications with continual functioning. However, if roofs, walls, doors, windows, or grade and below-grade conditions allow water to enter, it can set off a chain of effects that can cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. ​ Water intrusion is one of the main contributing factors to building damage, litigation, structural damage, rot, termites and microbial problems that can lead to sick building syndrome. For many, water leaks can be like a plague that just simply will not go away.



Do you think mold is lurking in your home or building?

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State of the Art On Demand Air and Mold Inspectiom Services Miami, FL

Miami Mold Specialist has state of the art technology to pinpoint and locate elevated moisture levels and condensation buildup caused by water damages throughout your property. By utilizing our Infrared Thermography Imaging camera, we are able to find exactly where the water stemmed from without being invasive. Additionally, we have Hydrosensors, Digital Moisture Meters and Imaging Moisture Meters that also enable us to locate condensation problems. Additional to an interior assessment of your property we also perform an exterior walk through in search of crack(s) and/or gaps that could be providing conditions conducive to moisture intrusion in your property. Any waterproofing that needs to be completed is taken care of doing your mold remediation treatment in order to prevent future moisture and mold growth and to ensure our warranty.

Our team of technicians have the most advanced protocols to facilitate this process for you. Think you have mold? Need a reliable and professional company to assist you? Give us a call now.



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Final Process for Our Complete Mold Remediation Process:

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The Final Reporting Process for Air, Mold, Bacteria, Allergens, and Other Airborne Pollutants:


Keep in mind that the specifics of your mold inspection service are determined based upon the specifics of your issue. Various factors are involved in outlining a customized mold remediation plan and your specified treatment process will be provided to you in detail in your Home Mold Inspection Report within two to three business days upon completion of your mold inspection service. 

Client Review


Once the remediation has concluded, a project manager will inform you as to the status of your property and schedule a mold remediation to remove all mold from the affected area, as per client request.

Conclusive Client Follow-Up


The follow-up will occur when all remediation and final clearance mold testing is complete. A mold removal Clearance Certificate will then be issued to you, upon receipt of the results pertaining to the post-remediation sampling, if you have opted for the testing. Your project manager or direct office administrator will contact you to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have and provide recommendations to avoid future mold issues.


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