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UV mold detection south fl

NEW HIGH TECH U.V. Mold Detection Services South FL

Each inspection crew at our firm is fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that all areas contaminated with mold growth are located. By adding the new UV LED Light Technology to our group of devices, we facilitate the search of mold throughout your property. The UV technology is able to locate mold growth on any surface. When the UV LED light is flashed on a specific surface, if mold is found the area will a turn bright fluorescent white. On areas such as A/C coils where suspect mold growth usually thrives, we are able to easily see the contamination. The UV LED Light comes equipped with Yellow Lens glasses which enable each technician to easily locate mold and enhances luminescence.

Unfortunately, improperly assessed contents can be a source of cross-contamination to areas where considerable effort and expense has been expended to deal with mold contamination. In some cases even, when mold contaminated contents are moved from one area of the property to another cross contamination also occurs.

This is an especially crucial issue if any of the occupants are sensitive to mold. During our assessment of your property, our team of technicians always make it a priority to ensure that we assess all contents to ensure all areas of contamination are noted and treated.

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State of the Art UV LED Mold Inspection and Detection Technology


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