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Is mold sampling necessary?

Sampling Process:




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Is mold sampling necessary?

black moldAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): "In most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary. Since no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building's compliance with federal mold standards. Surface sampling may be useful to determine if an area has been adequately cleaned or remediated.

Sampling for mold should be conducted by professionals who have specific experience in designing mold sampling protocols, sampling methods and interpreting results. Sample analysis should follow analytical methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), or other professional organizations."

Air Sampling -vs- Swab Sampling

When evidence of visual mold growth is not found while utilizing our state-of-the-art inspection devices, we use our sampling methods to see if mold is present in the air or from a specific surface area with "suspect" mold growth. Air sampling is taken from open areas where there's high probability of contamination due to elevated moisture and humidity levels and the presence of condensation. Air samples are then sent to a 3rd party laboratory that examines them and finds out the type(s) of mold are found in the area the sample was taken from as well as the mold spore count in that area.

On the other hand, swab samples are sent to a 3rd party laboratory that will confirm the presence of mold in the surface area where it was taken from as well as the mycelial estimate (whether the mold is growing or not). Laboratory results typically take within 1-2 business days to be received and will also include common health symptoms related to the type(s) of mold found.


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An aerosol particle counter works on the principal of either light scattering or light blocking. An aerosol stream is drawn through a chamber with a light source (either Laser Based Light or White Light). When a particle is illuminated by this light beam, it is redirected or absorbed. Light scattered by a single particle in a specific direction in relation to the original direction has a unique signature which relates to the size of the particle. This allows for sizing and counting of individual particles. A particle counter is made up of 4 components: ​

Light Source (Gas Based Laser, Solid State Laser Diode, High Intensity Light) Photo Detection Electronics Sample Flow System Counting Electronics


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Final Process for Our Complete Mold Remediation Process:

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The Final Indoor Air Particle Reporting Process for Air, Mold, Bacteria, Allergens, and Other Airborne Pollutants:


Keep in mind that the specifics of your mold inspection service are determined based upon the specifics of your issue. Various factors are involved in outlining a customized mold remediation plan and your specified treatment process will be provided to you in detail in your Home Mold Inspection Report within two to three business days upon completion of your mold inspection service. 

Client Review


Once the remediation has concluded, a project manager will inform you as to the status of your property and schedule a mold remediation to remove all mold from the affected area, as per client request.

Conclusive Client Follow-Up


The follow-up will occur when all remediation and final clearance mold testing is complete. A mold removal Clearance Certificate will then be issued to you, upon receipt of the results pertaining to the post-remediation sampling, if you have opted for the testing. Your project manager or direct office administrator will contact you to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have and provide recommendations to avoid future mold issues.


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